Sunday, May 1, 2011

north carolina

in april my family went to north carolina for a week. it was sooooo fun we went to a little creek,a BIG creek and mast general store.

first we went to the little creek. when we got there i tried to make a dam. it took a lot of time but i could not stop all the water. the next day i went there my dam was gone because we had a big storm that night! it was very hard to make it again because the rain washed away all of my rocks.

the next day we went to a big creek.that one was going super fast. and there was giant rocks some were so big that i couldn't pick them up! some were striped,doted some you could even draw with them.

last we went to mast general store. it is the coolest store on earth! there are four stories in it.the first story has the candy in it. i think there is one thousand different types of candy in that one story!there is sweet tarts,bubble gum,lolli pops,and a lot favorite type is bubble gum.on the second story there is the toys. there are weapons like guns , swords , and knifes . and there is sports stuff like footballs , soccer balls , basket balls and golf balls. if you like bugs there is a ladybug play ground and  a butter fly net.on the third story there is clothes. adult clothes,baby clothes,and kid clothes. i look at the kid clothes. i see football jerseys , t-shirts , shorts , and pj's. my dad looks  at the parents clothes. he looks at the shirts and shorts. my sister looks at the kids clothes too. she looks at the pj's only.and on the fourth story is grown -up stuff. like glass jars coffee cups and books.

well i hope you liked my story it was so fun there we went in a little creek big creek and to mast general store it was  FUN!!!!!!

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